We are proud to present the nations first and only fully accredited, entry level, working at height training.

Entry level working at height training is something that anyone who works at height requires…

Examples of those roles that require entry level working at height training are;

  • Construction workers that work on scaffold, ladders, steps or by excavations
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Dock side worker
  • Librarian
  • Theatre Technician
  • School caretaker
  • Electrician

In fact the Working at height regulations state that anyone that is in a position at work where they may fall from height requires a level of working at height training.


Have Confidence

We know that employers want to have confidence in the training that they commission. We identified that there was no accredited training available for entry level working at height so we contacted Qualsafe Awards. Together we have developed the nations first and currently only fully accredited entry level training which as an employer you can have absolute confidence in.

We have drawn on our practical experience of working at height and the requirements of health and safety law to put together the perfect package for workers in all industries that require working at height training. The objective of the qualification is to benefit learners by raising awareness in the use of ladders, step ladders, harnesses, and a variety other equipment/principles that are used for working at height. Learners will focus on the safety considerations, legal obligations, hierarchy of control measures and reporting procedures for defective equipment.

This qualification is for all people currently working or aspiring to work in all types of environment that may involve them working at height. It provides learners with a basic awareness of working at height. It is also suitable for employees entering work for the first time or returning to work.

The Level 2 Working at height course is a three hour course. We have numerous open courses this year that you can book your staff onto or we can come to you and centre the course around your situation and the equipment and procedures that your staff carry out.

Don’t come unstuck by the working at height regulations. Get fantastic input from the people that worked hard in assisting Qualsafe to bring this qualification to you. Contact us today for more information