If you require health and safety support but do not have the budget for an in-house health and safety advisor or manager we can provide a competitive alternative.

By law you are required to get help from a competent person to enable you to meet the requirements of health and safety law. Our training, knowledge and experience allows us to fulfil this role for your company. We give tailored advice and guidance specific to your business’s needs, travelling nationwide to be able to meet clients multi-site needs we offer competitive rates for all of our consultancy services and have built long standing relationships with numerous companies.

If you deal with health and safety internally and would like a third party opinion or you cannot justify an in-house health, we can work alongside your existing health and safety teams to provide external expertise or an unbiased overview of your health and safety.

What we offer

Competent Person Service

We can act as your ‘competent person’ which is required by law. You must have access to competent advice either internally in your business or externally with a company like ours. We are able to offer year round support and we can be named on your documents as being this ‘competent person’.

Creation of Health and Safety Policy

If you employ 5 or more employees then you must have a documented Health and Safety Policy. The purpose of the Health and Safety Policy is to show how you as a company manage the safety arrangements and what arrangements are in place, who is responsible for these arrangements and how risks will be managed. We can create a policy that is suited to you and how your business works that is not a generic off the shelf document but one that is bespoke to your company.

Auditing and Gap Analysis of Current Health & Safety Systems

We can review all your current safety systems and produced a report to show where you are compliant and areas that you could improve. Once you have the report it is up to you how you manage this, we can offer you the support to improve with our services but it is no obligation and you are left with a detailed report on your current safety status.

Creation of Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Your business will undoubtedly carry out activities that carry some kind of risk, either to employees, members of the public or employees of another company. All tasks that carry risk should be risk assessed, this must be documented if there are 5 or more employees. We can write your risk assessments and provide you with support for method statements and safe systems of work. You know how the tasks are carried out, we can advise on any improvements and the creation of documents to ensure your safe system of work is compliant.

Bespoke Safety Documentation and Templates

Record keeping is vitally important to protect your company against injury claims and any investigation by inspecting authorities. We can provide generic and bespoke safety documents such as induction documents, inspections and checklists, training records, equipment checklists and employee records.