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From the 1st October 2006 the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’ required the ‘Responsible Person’ of any non-domestic premises (including many private landlord situations) to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

This Fire Risk Assessment must include measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and identify those who are at risk. It is good practice to record your Fire Risk Assessment and significant findings. It is a legal requirement to record this where there are 5 or more people employed.

As a Responsible Person you know more about your business activities and premises than anyone else, but you may not have the fire safety knowledge to complement this. That is where our Fire Risk Assessment assists your role as Responsible Person.

Who, What and Why of Fire Risk Assessments

Who is a ‘Responsible Person’?

A Responsible Person can be one of the following; an employer, the building owner, the landlord, the occupier and anybody else with control over the premises. Also you can be a Responsible Person if you have paying guests such as a bed and breakfast or self catering property.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Like any other risk assessment a Fire Risk Assessment will identify the hazards, identify who is at risk, evaluate and suggest how to remove and reduce the risks, findings will be recorded, and it will be updated as required.

Things that will be considered in the Fire Risk Assessment are; emergency exits and routes, fire detection and warning systems, fire fighting equipment, storage of combustibles, fire safety planning, fire safety information & training, and requirements for higher risk persons.

Where a Fire Risk Assessment is required?

All Non-Domestic premises including all workplaces and commercial premises, any premises with public access and common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings including HMO’s. Shared premises should also have a Fire Risk Assessment and it should be shared with other occupants in the building to make sure they are compatible.

Why is a Fire Risk Assessment required?

With the fire service no longer issuing Fire Certificates the Fire Risk Assessment is a minimum legal requirement that a visiting Fire Safety Officer will want to see. The Fire Risk Assessment can be used to improve the fire safety at the premises and can point out areas that require more attention to meet fire safety standards. Once completed a Fire Risk Assessment should be communicated to all building users and information given on fire safety in the building.

When should a Fire Risk Assessment be carried out?

A Fire Risk Assessment should be carried out as soon as you occupy the building if not before to highlight areas that may need improvement prior to moving in. Once carried out a Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed on a regular basis depending on risk, so the higher the risk the more often it should be reviewed. Any additions or changes to the building fabric, change of processes, introduction of new machinery or equipment, change of staff or change in building users mental/physical abilities should trigger a review to the Fire Risk Assessment.

How is a Fire Risk Assessment carried out?

One of our assessors will visit your premises and working with the responsible person or a person who has significant knowledge of the building and its processes we will carry out a fire safety inspection and review of fire safety documentation before producing a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment. We will also include recommendations and documentation to assist you with your fire safety compliance.

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