So it would appear that the government are beginning to catch onto something that we at Prestige Safety Services have been harping on about for ages!

New draft legislation says that it should be compulsory for school children to learn first aid. As reported by the BBC News on the 19th July 2018 the proposals state that children of a primary school age should be taught how to dial 999 and how treat common injuries including head injuries.

Secondary school pupils would learn how to carry out basic treatment for common injuries. They would learn life-saving skills, including how to administer CPR and the purpose of defibrillators and when one might be needed.

If this draft legislation is adopted then we are sure that this will save lives as well as giving school leavers a valuable skill to take into employment.


What are the options for First Aid in Schools

There are two main first aid courses available that would give pupils a first aid skill that would not only be useful in day to day situations but also would be recognised as a valuable qualification in the workplace. These qualifications are;


First Aid at Work (FAW)

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)


The First Aid at Work course is a three day course and is over and above what most first aiders require in the workplace.

The Emergency First Aid at Work course would tick the governments boxes as well as give the pupils a valuable workplace skill and this would be achievable for pupils to attain in just one day. This would therefore be the more sensible offer to pupils to ensure compliance with the proposed policy whilst getting a qualification that has real value beyond home and in school use.

The other option would be to do a more stripped down course which would be bespoke to the specific requirements of the draft legislation but this would still take the best part of a day to deliver and the qualification at the end would not have the value that either the FAW or EFAW courses would have to a potential employer.


How we can help…

At Prestige Safety Services we have qualified first aid trainers with front-line emergency services experience. They are waiting to help our nations school children learn one of the most useful skills that they will require in life. Accredited by Qualsafe you can be sure that the training we offer is of the highest quality.

Are you are a school that wants to get ahead of the game?

Don’t want to wait for the legislation to be passed before helping develop your pupils with this important life skill?

Then please get in touch and see how we can help you.


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